What a standby generator provides for your home or business

Extreme weather has become synonymous with power outages. More people realize that they have become susceptible to the dictates of mother nature and want to protect themselves against living without electricity for extended periods of time.

Provide safety and protection

Standby generators can bring a sense of security in that they provide an alternate source of electricity for homes or businesses.  It will allow for the continuation of day-to-day routines in relative comfort until the power problem has been resolved.

Features to consider

Standby generators can provide partial backup power or power to the entire home or business.  Unlike the generators of the past, today's products are more powerful and less expensive. Today's standby generators are more quiet and easy to operate and maintain.

Size - The strength and endurance of standby generators are rated by kilowatts.  Add up running watts and starting volts/amps for the items that will likely be in use during a power outage like interior and exterior lights, major kitchen appliances (like refrigerators, range, water heater), and heating and air conditioning (HVAC).  You can find power usage information on the appliances and tons or BTUs or amperage (Amps) on HVAC.  This total will help you choose the correct size generator.

Transfer switch - Make sure your standby generator has a transfer switch.  This device safely closes off power from the public utility line leading to your electrical panel.  It will simultaneously open a direct line to the generator.  When the power comes back on, the transfer switch automatically reverses the process.

Fuel source - Generators use either natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel as a fuel source.

Installation - A standby generator must be permanently installed on the exterior of your home or business by a licensed electrician since the system connects directly to the home/business electrical system.  We have licensed electricians that we can recommend to you.

Maintenance - Standby generators need regular maintenance to ensure that when the power goes out it is ready to work for you.  We provide regular maintenance to all our customers with necessary oil and filter changes, valve setting, and load testing.

​So give us a call and we can help you with your standby generator needs.  We will also be glad to provide you with top notch technical care, maintenance, and warranty of the current generator you may own.  We may be reached at (208) 263-1258 or by email at selkirkwelding@frontier.com

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